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DealerMine Corporation Now Serves Luxury Brands

PORTLAND, Ore. June 6, 2011 – DealerMine Corporation (, provider of the obsolescence management service for auto dealers, announces its service is available to luxury auto brands including Porsche, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz.

Parts managers for luxury brands can now sell their idle or excess stock through DealerMine and purchase their fast moving parts at half the cost of ordering from the manufacturer. DealerMine’s service helps Parts Managers reduce their obsolescence and clear valuable bin space to create opportunity for more sales and profits.

Steve Kallenberg, Parts Manager for Rietzel Porsche in Norwell, MA had this to say "My experience with DealerMine was quick, easy…and the result is $60,000 worth of idle parts gone."

Obsolescence can contribute significantly to the profitability of the parts department. Holding costs and opportunity costs associated with idle parts sap profits. Parts that haven’t moved in 12 months are considered obsolete. DealerMine helps dealerships maximize profits in their parts department by turning obsolescence into working capital and reinvesting it in fast moving parts.

"We’ve helped some of our customers boost their profits margins up to 60% by dumping their old parts through our service," said Mark De Lucia, president of DealerMine. "It’s been a win-win for our buyers and sellers and we’re happy to bring our service to the luxury brands."

About DealerMine Corporation
DealerMine provides a web-based service to help dealerships reduce their investment in slow-moving idle parts inventory. Since 2006, DealerMine has helped dealers liquidate millions of dollars in obsolescence and manage parts inventory more efficiently and profitably. DealerMine serves over 1,500 customers today and continually strives to provide exceptional, consistent and superior products and services that help automotive dealerships create and maintain a sustainable profit center. For more information visit

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